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Lisa Schubert

Hey guys I think it is romantic to be carried into the pool by your guy!!! ;0)I hope you guys have a wonderful summer! XOXO

renee altson

this is such a fantastic thing - i'm sure it felt amazing to be able to be in the pool and floating with the noodle. 3 cheers for a great time: yay, yay, hooray!

i think of you all regularly and i am so encouraged that there is a bit of relief joanne can look forward to. <3 and hugs to all.


So great to hear of the little things that mean so much. I bet you'll be back again as soon as you can.


Maybe if you contacted one of your previous occupational or physical therapists they could offer you a trick (to getting in the pool) that you haven't thought of.

Jan Maniatis

wonderful news!~! Enjoy the water - LOTS. Toben, wet tea bags on that sunburn or vinegar over the area will take the ouch away. Thinking of you all and praying... hugs

Child of God

Pools are amazing therapy. Good for you hon letting your hubby carry you in. :)

When my back was really bad and I had a very hard time walking, I used the pool for therapy. It allowed me the time away from gravity, which is very healing as you stretch.

Praying and praying for you hon.

Kim Feth

Benadryl for the sunburn and it will help you sleep!
Covering the rest of the prayer concerns. Did you try to google how to get into the pool after a stroke? There's got to be an easy way to do that - short of just tossing her in.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

A Speckled Trout

I have followed you since Joanne had her stroke and now my future son-in-law told me of a friend's sister who had a stroke at the age of 31. Oh my goodness, the road you and this family have traveled. Though the comments are less, the prayers and good wishes are not. I think of you often.

However you get into the pool doesn't matter..........water cleanses, baptizes. May it do its job on all of your family this summer.


Have a great summer and lots of hugs for you and family and one more for Joanne.

lots of greatings from Eveline

Gods Blessings.

ps I like to send joanne a gift is it possible to recive adress?


I can just imagine the cool water surrounding you Joanne. Ahh, nothing better on a hot, dry Colorado day. I pray the pool gets a move on with the lift!


Hi. My friend read about you in her almuni book. I suffered a stroke almost one year to the day before you suffered yours. I too am in my 30s and have 9 year old twin girls and a 3 year old daughter. I just wanted to say hi and you have been added to my prayer list!!


Is this a public pool? All public pools must have a chair lift.

Cathy Newman

Congratulations to Joanne for getting into the pool for the first time! How often does she want to repeat the experience? Using noodle pools probably helped her overcome her anxiety with water. I also agree that water in the pool can cool her down. Swimming is one of the ways to de-stress yourself!

LeeAnn Lee

So happy the pool was a positive experience. Praying for your family. I "met" Joanne only days prior to her stroke through another blog. She and your family have remained in my prayers.

Shona Martinez

I bet the pool will be your buddy in time. Your first time in the pool can be especially memorable. Summer is just around the corner. Why don’t you have a few practice runs with Joanne? Swimming can help her relax and enjoy!


I would of thought Aqua therapy would have been an order from physical therapy. Its so goood she went. This post made my heart smile.

Julie price

Happy Swimming! Keep the sunscreen handy!

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