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Dee McCollum

It is an honor to pray for you!


Thanks for the update, Toben! I've spent 7 weeks in the Springs this year and just wish one of them would have been this next weekend! I would've loved to go to lunch with Joanne and our other Siestas that will be there Friday!! Give her a hug for me and know that your family remains in our prayers. You're a beautiful family with love for a lot of people...We all love y'all, too!


We will continue to lift your prayer requests before God. He is well able.
You are a good man Toben.
Your family is so blessed to have you as husband and Dad . . .

Margie Smallman

I think so often of your family and keep you all in prayer. God delights in answering when we plead with Him. He'll do what is best and in perfect time. He knows what Emma needs and will care for her as her Heavenly Father! God bless your huge heart for these dear girls He's given to you and Joanne.


What a great post Toben I will pray for your family God bless your family

Marla Taviano

Will be praying specifically for those requests. Soooooooooo excited for Joanne and LPL. And so, so thrilled to hear you talk about loving her so much. You guys have been through so much (SO MUCH) are such an inspiration. Thank you!!


Thanks for the family update... I will keep you all in my prayers.


Dear Joanne,
This hello and hug is from another Joanne (and fellow Siesta!)... I'm in California. I have been praying for you this past year and following your "season" (there's just NOT enough chocolate in the world, eh?!). I was looking forward to meeting up with you and giving you a big hog at the LPL Conference this weekend, but too many of our reservations got cancelled as of tonight (fire evacuations), so our group just made the sad decision to cancel. So disappointed - but it has us all praying for all of you in the Springs area! Joanne, I will continue praying for you and want you to know that God has deliberately placed you on so many of our hearts... AND He is using you and your precious family as we see you all walk this time out in faith - and also together! (I read about your parents and am sooo touched!). You're in His grip Joanne... May you sense His love over you! Love, Jo

Karen Booker Schelhaas

Continuing to pray, friends...

Child of God

Hi Toben & Joanne,

I am sitting here thinking and praying for you and wondering if you are effected by the wild fires in Colorado Springs.

Praying all is fine.


I have been a faithful reader, but have not commented. However, I wanted to let you know, I wrote an email to the CEO/President of Denver Christian on behalf of Emma. I felt strongly, I needed to fight for her. Keep Emma in DC. I too have a child that needed to be homeschooled and Christian schooling on order to protect her precious heart. Denver Christian will benefit from having Emma as a student. We must make them see this and perhaps they will choose wisdom and see what a mistake it would be for them to lose out on such a dynamic young woman.


I'm wondering about the wildfires too!?


Be really careful about meds. for kids. A really good book" your Brain on Joy" was recommended to me by a therapist and has helped without drugs. You can google on Amazon. All kinds of ideas about supplements and foods for mood swings and sleeping. Please check it out for your daughter. Prayers are with you all!


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