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Holly Smith

The Moses and Aaron reference just SLAYS are a great man and husband, Toben. Joanne is SO VERY DEAR! Her very presence at the event was a living sermon--testimony of God's great POWER and MIGHT! Love to all the Heims! Holly


You really are a very special MAN, Toben! I say you solidified your man card with what you did for your beautiful wife!! I felt like Joanne would be totally blessed at LPL if you could get her there. She's been very loved on our Siesta blog for years and any ofusstillpray for her...she's a blessing to this community!!

Jennifer, Hawaii

How wonderful! A beautiful telling Toben, and I imagine a much more beautiful sight in person. Beth Moore is so wonderful and it's hard not to like someone speaking Truth of Encouragement! So glad that it went well, that Joanne had a good time!


Thanks so much for writing more about the LPL experience. I saw Joanne's tweet via FB and knew that she had gotten that hug. I read your post this morning and felt greedy wanting to hear more...thanks for taking the time to do it.
I was so thankful that all those fires couldn't stop the event from happening and Joanne getting to partake...beautiful post!

Tina Smith

Tears in my eyes:) I know how much Joanne has been inspired by Beth over the years and what a blessing of a little normalcy in her life if even for a very short time!! I am also aware of how an illness effects the whole family and how blessed you guys have been by donations for Emma:) prayers and hugs


I loved the Aaron and Moses analogy. God is so wonderful and provides exactly who and what we need when we need it. Praise God! I'm so glad Joanne was able to attend and be blessed by the experience.

And you didn't lose your man card...yours has been permanently replaced with the super duper Platinum extra bonus miles and rewards man card! :)

Margie Smallman

Oh, I love, Love, LOVE that they all got to attend such a life-giving event and to be soooo blessed! What a COOL picture that was of what support is supposed to be.... both figuratively and literally,when necessary! Happy for you both!


Wow! Toben how great! So glad that as a man you got something out of the LPL. Not too many men could do that. Your such a wonderful hubs. Praise the Lord.

Beth Petty

Tears falling! Holly got it right! His mighty power triumphs through you all. Beth's ministry & the Siestas are how so many of us found you and Joanne and have been blessed by you ever since. I am thankful for the Heims, et al and for Beth's loving obedience to His leading. Glad you enjoyed LPL.


So glad Joanne was able to go and that you were willing to go, too!


I had no idea you were able to see that Toben. This brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing through your eyes. I love her so much, I'm glad I got to be there with her.

Marena Sheffield

Through literal tears I say that you now have a permanent Platinum man card!!!!

Madelin Butler

I wasn't expecting to be moved as I read this post but it has struck a cord so deeply that all I could do is weep. I too am a proud Siesta who adores our Beloved Siesta Mama Beth Moore. Toben what you did for your sweet wife and friends moved this Siesta to tears. God met you where you were all the way up in the rafters. LPL is an worship & teaching experience like none other. I'd like to nominate you as an official Miesta~ one of the few good men in Siestaville. Welcome!!

Kim Feth

Welcome to Sieastaville! You are an official Miesta! I loved the Moses/Aaron analogy. Continuing to cover you and your entire family in prayer!
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


It kills me that I couldn't be there. I'm so so soooo happy that Joanne got to go and got a bonus hug from Beth. I'm certain it blessed them both! Toben, you've more than earned your man card and no matter what you'll never get it revoked. The way you love Joanne is amazing. My hubby and I talk about that a lot. And anyway, probably every man on earth is jealous you got to go to LPL. Right? RIIIIGHT???!! :)


You never lost your man card! What you did is a true man!!!!!! Praise God!

Patricia Blomeley-Maddigan

Toben - I think you should RECEIVE your Man Card, for attending the Beth Moore Evening - two evenings! Impressive!
I have never been a fan of Beth Moore, but thanks to you, I plan on checking her out!
Thank you


beautiful~thank you

Colleen Stockman

What a lovely lovely story...I could visualize Joanne's friends lifting her up and holding her. What sweetness. Thanks for sharing this. It feels so good to know that Joanne got to experience this special weekend of teaching, praise and worship! God bless you for being such a special man.. :)

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