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Really, what did you expect with all the begging you have been doing on here. Most people cannot afford the luxury of sending their own kids to private school. Maybe we need to blog and beg. Seems to work.

Kirsten from Chi-town

may God bless those that are able to give to a family who has meant so much to so many. Blessings on your continued journey, Joanne and family!


I have been waiting to hear this news! I wish that we were in a position to be a part of God's blessing you. I posted that we have been on both sides of the giving and receiving in this area, so I know the desire and blessing of a Christian education for a child that is called to that place. I love seeing God work. Paige


Thank you for letting your needs be known. And ignore those who state otherwise. This is just the answer to prayer that many of us who cannot give financially but can give with our prayers have been praying for. As a mother who had a stroke when her kids were young I know how important it is to know that what you wanted and what your kids needed is still being done even though you can't be doing it. I pray this helps Joanne to have the peace to be able to work on her own progress without being concerned for her little one.


Wonderful! Glad you honestly shared and God honestly provided. Blessings and Peace.


What great news!

ashree-I'm sad that you feel like this is the proper place to make a comment like that. Yes, I know it's a free world, but I'm not sure if you understand how hurtful those comments can be to the family, especially the kids. (no, I'm not related or even know the family)

Should we not rejoice with others blessings and not lament about things we might not have?

Who knows, if you were in the same situation, you might be pleasantly surprised to see the outpouring of friends, family and strangers coming to your aid.


Emma - I am so happy for you!!! This is a wonderful blessing and you are a wonderful deserving girl. Have a wonderful 6th grade year!

Shannon O

I'm so excited for you all!! I have prayed that God would provide for this need for your family!!


I'm glad to tune in and read that Emma can return to the school at which she needs to be. I hope you won't let folks like Ashlee get to you. You most certainly did not beg, and no one was forced to contribute or made to feel guilty if they didn't. I taught jr. high and know well how kids can only take so much change and then they slowly unravel. Emma needs the stability of that school and God knows that so He moved on others. He provided through them. I'm grateful to Him for that.


How wonderful!!! and I don't think you begged or did anything wrong to get the money for her to tuition. Praying is what made this happen and I would gladly give if I were able to give. God Bless you Emma!!


forgot to ask if Joanne was able to go to the Beth Moore Conference?

Heidi Tracht

God created us to be a dependent people. In our dependence, we come to know Him more deeply. He has richly blessed you in your honesty and vulnerability. In turn, we, the readers, also get to share in the blessing - if we choose to. Enjoy!!

Jennifer, Hawaii

That is wonderful news! I hope Emma has a blessed year!


I'm so humbled and blessed by the testimony of how God provides for those who trust in Him. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. May God bless you and your family as you continue your walk with Him.

Michelle From Australia

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news! Our family has a beautiful daughter with multiple disabilites and we have learned that asking for help is part and parcel of our life as parents to a special child. We are humbled by the generosity of those who choose to Minister to us through the aid we get and we love that those folk get a huge amount of joy seeing what their donations do for our girl. God Bless you all. M x


Amen and amen! 100 fold return on all those who helped! God is . . .


Well said Ashree!.
I wonder what's next on the wish/prayer list?.
Most of these " please send money and prayers " blogs end up being revealed as scams anyway.
People used to work for things they needed and wanted now they just write a sob story and people donate money. I guess this sense of entitlement will be passed onto the next generation.
I expect the family will soon " need" a vacation to deal with all of the worry and uncertainty of life.
The Simple Wife.....just a simple life....beg and thy shall receive.

God's Girl

Congrats on being able to return to your school this Fall, Emma! So many of us have prayed for your mom and your family this past year; her stroke caused many of us to truly value our health and to love those around us in a stronger, better way. Our prayers will continue for your family. As for Ashree and Sara, their jealousy shows through loud and clear. Hurt people say hurtful things. Imagine how difficult their lives must be to say such things. After watching my mom help my grandma recover from a stroke, I can only imagine the vacation your family needs. It certainly doesn't hurt the majority of your mom's fan base to send in a few $$ if that's a need. For those who don't like it, they may exercise one of their First Amendment rights and go read blogs they are interested in!
Mercifully, you're being raised as the child of God that you are and you are blessed by His light. Stay strong and enjoy the summer!


So glad to hear tuition is covered for Emma. Have been praying that people who could help would step up and do so.

Holly Smith

Dear Sara and Ashree, Let me be bold in saying you do not know this family, I do. They love BIG. They give BIG. They work HARD. I wish I could show you countless notes of encouragement, times she hosted me and encouraged me and gifts of kindness I have received from my dear friend Joanne over the past 7 years--all because of how she loves. They are all givers. And they have a wonderful Jesus, who provides and knows the purity of their hearts. I pray He will touch your hearts and bring to you humility and kindness--that you will know Him--for you could not know Him and speak as you have here. I can testify that your judgments are ill-conceived, rude and presumptuous. May God deal with you in mercy.

Nike High Heels

Good food for thought here. Thank you very much for the extensive explanation. Very nicely written. Really makes think.

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