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Holly Smith

Praying for just that, Toben. Audrey is amazing and lovely. God has some great and awesome plans for your girl! I see some Joanne in her, too :) Love your family much!


And don't neglect the fact that for a dad to have a great relationship with his daughter especially in the teen years will also help her protect her heart when it comes to dating and romance.

You're doing an amazing job!!

Miss you!


Thank you for this post - as a parent of young children (boy and girl), it is a great reminder of what is important!


You are a wonderful dad. That is so very important it is everything to her right now. Just to know you are present and care for her is huge. You don't have to meet her every need. Just love her and let her know just like you are. I was grown when my mother had a massive stroke similar to Joanne's and mom was 69. My daughter and I had no one to lean on and even though grown we so needed that someone. Someone to say they'd be there and that it would be alright. Even if we knew good and well it wouldn't be. A safe place to fall is all we needed. We didn't have it and 12 years later we are much more afraid of life than we ever were before. Bless you for knowing how important you are.


Such a sweet post with insight I needed to hear... thanks!

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Okay - I'm tearing up at your "call dad" description. I have a very close relationship with my Dad and that was always my first thought when I got into any sort of trouble. (Even into my college years.) I always had confidence that Dad would know what to do - he would be able to help me - or at the very least, he would listen when I needed to talk. Now that I'm grown up, I realize my Dad doesn't always have all the answers - but that my relationship with him reflects the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father - always there - always safe - always loving. I hope your influence on Audrey will also point her to her Heavenly Father - the one who HAS moved heaven and earth for her.


You are teaching wonderful lessons & setting great expectations for what a husband/father should be. She'll set her standards high and God will honor that.


Toben, you are doing a great job! As a mom of a young adult daughter and son that managed to go through minor rebellions and come out whole on the other side, you are handling the minor things(hair/piercings) perfectly and focusing your attention on the major things (trust/security). Every girl is different, but you've probably got another year or two of the hormones all over the place,and one day being all grown up and the next day seeming like a young girl (I'm referencing some of the Walgreen's purchases lol). And you remember correctly, boys don't have nearly as much drama! :) Hang in there, continuing to pray for you all!


This is the relationship I have with my Dad -- and I think, now as an adult, it has helped me tremendously in making life decisions. I weigh the consequences, but know how to have safe fun too. ;-)

A very close member of my family was killed on September 11th - when I was 16. And both of my parents had to change up their parenting style from then on with myself & my 3 siblings. Sometimes trauma opens up the door for a more open, unexpected relationship...

Praying for you & your girls. You are never far from my mind!

Jennifer, Hawaii

Speaking from a daughter with a father who would do the same to protect me, That is a wonderful thing you do for Audrey! Safety is certainly a MUST.

Will keep this in prayer!


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