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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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holly smith

I love you back, friend. So much.

And I pray for you every day!

You know our things...they have not changed. :)

Let's get together soon!

Linda Stubbs Prairie Flower Farm

Good morning, I have prayed for you and your precious family. I do have a prayer request. We have farmed all of our married life. We have two girls that are 18 and 21 that are still home. We have had to all go outside and get a job. The Lord was faithful to give all 4 of us jobs in a Christian College kitchen together. Bakery for the girls and myself and grill guy for my sweet man! It is the hardest thing we have all ever done and I mean that. Sweet man is fine....just hard for the girls and I. We start back this Monday. The girls and I are having a difficult time leaving our home. Pray we would be a blessing and that in the "hot" kitchen with heavy coats we would still keep our hearts and minds on Christ. Thank you Joanne!
Blessings to your HOME, The Stubbs family


Well good morning Joanne!! So fun to hear from you :) My family and I have had the privilege of praying for yours over the last year, and we have been delighted to get to "know" you all via your blog!

We do have a prayer request, and would be so blessed for you to lift us up in that way. We found out a week ago that I'm pregnant, with twins! We were ecstatic, but found out very soon after that one of the twins is very behind in development and is not expected to survive. Tomorrow we have an ultrasound to find out if this precious little one has beat the odds. We serve a mighty God who is still in the business of miracles, and we would ask that you pray for BOTH of our twins; for their protection, growth, and safe delivery into our arms! We know our God is able!!


I am praying for you and yours, Joanne. Please ask the Lord to strengthen my relationship with my inlaws. I want them to see how deeply I love their son and grandchildren. We will be spending time this month with both sets of grandparents. We live very different lives and would love for Jesus to be our foundation.


Good morning Joanne, What a pleasure to wake and 'hear' from you this morning. It is our priviledge to pray for you and your sweet family.
I would love prayer for my middle daughter, 21, who has not fully recovered from viral encephalitis. Although probably noone could tell on the outside, for she is poised and beautiful, the lasting brain damage and damage to her immune system and stamina, has changed the course of her life. It is easy for her to get discourage & wonder when God will open doors for her to move on. Could you pray that God indeed would open up doors for her to move on (and away from here where our mold & weather is very hard on her); that she would be able to minister and glorify God & her vision renewed. Although her walk is deepen and I am blown away by her blog, it is still very hard.
Thanks so much. All our love.


Joanne, it's so good to hear from you! I'd appreciate prayer for me as a mom. It's a hard season and I want to do the best I can but my patience has been lacking for sure. I was to use the time when I have very little ones and make the most of it with them without thinking into the future. I know the time is short!

I think of you & pray for you often! I want to know in all of the reading you've been doing if you recommend anything? I need some new book ideas!



So glad to hear your voice! Have been praying daily for you and your family and will continue to do so.

Am honored that you'd pray for us, when surely you have many prayers of your own.

Would appreciate prayers for an appointment I have on Tuesday.

Thank you!


Dear Joanne! I love hearing your "voice" through your writing. I was with Amy just yesterday at the Paris Street Market up in Boulder and we kept finding things that reminded us of you. We talked about you and Toben at length yesterday and marvel at your lives.

I do remember you often in my prayers, and am humbled that you'd offer to pray for others. I'm in the midst of my new career as "referee" between my two older girls (Emma and Addie). I wonder if you know what I mean... ;) Maybe you could pray that I find new creative ways for them to be best friends and really love each other, and that I would remember to correct their hearts, not their behavior. You know?

Love you tons, friend. <3


Joanne last night(Australian time) God had you on my heart He wants you know to He is preparing you for a beautiful new season of hope and peace. Your passion and dream of writing is being renewed and will take you into a more deeper place as you continue to trust Him. Joanne never forget you are so so much more than what you see or believe, you are a strong women of faith who knows the truth, cling to what you really know Joanne it is within you. Bless You Julie

Michelle From Australia

Hi Joanne! I remember sitting at my computer begging God to let you live when your intercranial pressure was going up, up and up. I asked God to let you stay on Earth to Mother your daughters, to be a wife to Toben and to keep your family in tact. And every time I read a post from your family, I say thank you God for answering our calls for you. God Bless you Joanne and all who love you. M x


prayer for a job for my daughter would be greatly appreciated. She's a newly wed, married to a soldier.

Jennifer, Hawaii

Dear Joanne,
Thank you for the lovely words! We have never met in person but your family has been encouraging me along the way. May God continue to bless your walk!
Thank you again,


Though we love Toben's wonderful updates on you and the family, it's always a special treat to hear from you. It's been a busy summer and I haven't read your blog in many weeks. I caught up on you last night. You remain in my prayers. I'm rereading Misplacing God yet again. That and Living Simply remain on my 'favorite list'. They sit on a table in the family room. Friends ask about them and I'm happy to buy them a copy, but I'm NOT lending them out. I'm praying for a beautiful day for you tomorrow!

Kathleen Jaeger

How nice to hear from you, Joanne! I was so excited to see your name beside the post title and clicked on over right away.

It is hard to put into words my prayer request. I'll try: the past three years have been stretching through various ways, different months of intensity at times, but not crisis level (if that makes sense). The Lord has taught me so much and I have grown closer. Yet, there is a bit of a relief in circumstance, which is nice, but I want to stay with Him during this time and continue to hang on to the intimacy that I've gained in this lesser time. Thankfully, the Lord knows what I really mean and more importantly what I really need -- even if this doesn't make sense!!

Much love,
Kathleen Jaeger

(a long-time blog follower!)


How beautiful is the Body of Christ that we are able to pray over the needs of one another and tonight Joanne when I read your tender post I just had to say thank you for lifting the needs of 'we' .... you continue to prove yourself such a blessing.

Prayers over you and your little family this night Joanne.
God Bless you all,

Steve Lambert

Joanne- I've never read any of your past books, but I WANT TO READ ALL THE FUTURE ONES! I've been following your story and praying for you since about January 12th of last year. I check your blog most days and am grateful for Toben's updates. But seeing YOUR words confirms what I've suspected for months now. Your best writing lies ahead- not in the past. You have MUCH that NEEDS to be said... and will be. Yes, it's more complicated to write now. Yes, it requires help to write now via technology and via others. But oh my- how much the world needs to hear what you have to say. I'll be watching for the announcement of your next books in the months and years ahead.


I agree with Steve!!!

Auntie Mip

Dear one,

I have cometo this place countless times since that awful day. I still pray, every day. It is so precious that you desire to return that prayerful peace. But know it isn't necessary. Prayer if a gift given without hesitation, without strings, without any desire for reciprocity. So I will continue to pray for your recovery, for your peace, for your Toben and your Emma and Audrey. That you all find a rythmn that suits you. That your life/lives are purposeful. That you know contentment. That your girls feel confident, beautiful, smart, exuberent, loveable. I pray for all of these things and more. But most of all, dear Joanne, I pray you feels peace deep within that you are exactly where you should be and that you are loved fiercely!


Joanne, I have been praying for you and your family over the last year and a half. I am so encouraged by your strength and honesty throughout this whole thing. I do have a prayer request. In February of 2011 I started having dizziness and body weakness along with some other neurological issues. By June of 2011 I could no longer walk. I would barely be able to stand up and then I would have to be supported to go to the bathroom or anywhere else. To make a long story short, they can find nothing wrong with me. It is my belief that I am in what is called benzo withdrawal syndrome which is brought on by a low dose of ativan that I was taking and then removed off quickly. My head spins all the time, I have to walk with a can due to balance issues and extreme muscle weakness. I feel like I am on a boat all the time. I am 42, married with 4 children. My husband is a school teacher. Please pray for healing for me and for our finances. I am not able to work but I am also not able to go to doctors because even with insurance we can not afford for me to go. Thank you so much for your offer to pray for me. God is good and I know that He must have me here for some reason. I will continue to lift you and your family up. God bless!

Pam Houston

Dearest Warrior Princess Joanne, How wonderful to check on blog and find you! Your man has been such a wonder to keep us all posted and up on prayer needs through your blog...and it's been a privilege and a spiritual passion to see life overcome death. You have a voice! And a miracle voice at that. I shared a story about a customer of mine by the name of Betty who suffered a major stroke like yours as a young woman in her 30's, with your dear sister Kristen. Betty became aphasiac and unable to speak, yet she worked so hard to become mobile, even was able to drive a car, and raise a family with the help of her faithful husband. The children grew up and moved away, and Betty and her husband retired and were able to travel...Betty retained her exhuberant personality, and was able to communicate with us at the beauty shop, through smiles and laughter and simple yes and no's. She was a voracious reader and continued to embrace life...I retired from my hairdressing work in 1998 and lost contact with Betty, but I can still see her smiling face and dancing eyes and the testimony of her life still speaks! Joanne, you have a use it...use it for His glory and you will see God move in ways that you cannot imagine. We are cheering you on in faith, believing. "The name of the LORD is strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe..."Pro. 18:10 "This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast..." Heb. 6:19. Yes, you are loved fiercely....


What a sweet post, Joanne. I think we all will always have so many requests on our hearts and our minds. I am so happy for the progress you have made.


Dear Friend,
I was out of town when you posted this. But I just smiled to see your name at the top of the post. It is so great to "hear" from you. I miss you and love you so very much!


I pray often for your health and recovery. And recently I pray for your family that you continue to find a "new" normal - a challenge for all families as "seasons of life" change. At my house, the new normal is that the eldest son has graduated and just left home for the military. We have just learned he is really struggling with Basic training, and may be sent home. If you could pray for him to find his inner strength and feel God'd loving presence and guidance in this - and for my mother's heart as I worry, and pray. I need to hear God's assurance that no matter what the result, our son will find his way in this world - that what is meant to be, will be.

Cari in Iowa

Dear Joanne-
I have been praying for you and your family since your stroke. I has been my joy. I love reading your blog and also read Kristen's. I love the honesty of your family in sahring both your joy and your pain.
I'm not very good about asking people to pray for me and my family but your request for others to share touched my heart. So I will share...please pray for my 11 year old daughter. She has anxiety that I fear may affect school this year. She is in treatment and I'm praying that will help as she starts school year tomorrow. Thank you!
Wish I could meet you all and give you a big hug. As much as others prayers have blessed and your family have blessed me.


Joanne, even though I can talk to you everyday, I have very much MISSED your writing voice. But you know that, I've told you before. I too love "hearing" you on your blog. I love you sis.


I am currently reading your book Living Simply! I love it! I thought I would get online to see if you had a blog & found you here! I was shocked to learn that you had had a stroke but so pleased to hear that you are improving. I will pray for continued healing & that you would feel God's presence in all this! I will also pray for strength & comfort for your family throught this time. May God bless you & your family! Karla

Lisa Jungheim

It's such an honor to be able to lift you up! I love that about the internet. You are a miracle! Answered prayers through tears of love for someone I hadn't even met. (I'll give you a hug in Heaven!) Thanks for continuing to let us share in your story.

We are currently in prayer about doing foreign missions. God seems to be leading us in that direction. If you get bored, you could pray for us and our four kiddos as we prepare for and begin this transition. ;)


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That's amazing about Joanne retaining French! :o)


hi joanne my name is jillian can you please pray for my health as i dont always feel well.


Hi...I was wondering if you could pray for my marriage. My husband is bipolar and is currently abusing alcohol to self-medicate. I know that you can relate to the fear, devastation, anger, and confusion that comes with this scenario. Thanks for praying. I will pray for your continued healing and restoration.

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