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I think a lot of what you all are looking for is a "new" normal...that's a hard one when someone has had something physically damaging happen to them. I do think your family is on the right track as far as having family counseling sessions. And I have to agree that a trip through the upper United States (or Canada) would be an awesome thing for all of you. It would allow you to get to know each other better and figure out what you all wanted the "new" norm be in all your lives. Praying for you all.

Michelle From Australia

Our 9 year old has intellectual and physical disabilities. Our family 'normal' is VERY different to 'normal' for the rest of the world. But the one thing that I will not negotiate on is our travelling. I don't care what we have to do to make it work. And sometimes that means make it work physically, emotionally, behaviourally and Spiritually, but we travel. For one month every two years. In NOvember 2012, we will arrive in the USA for a little road trip for 4 weeks. We all look forward to our adventures. New experiences, new scenery, new adventures and all being done with just the four of us.

You are all doing extraordinarily well. Be proud of what you have achieved and keep your eyes on a goal ahead. As striving and working towards a dream (e.g. a roadtrip) makes the victory of achieving it SO much sweeter.

God Bless you all.


Toben - I've never commented, but have read the blog for a while. We are also in a new phase of life and our oldest daughter will be starting as a freshman this year as well. She has always been in a private Christian school and will be jumping into a huge public high school with no friends. So each time I pray for my sweet girl I will also pray for yours. Too bad Nashville and Denver are so far apart! :)


Toben--If you want to read about a roadtrip with a family check out Shawn is a writer who took his wife and 4 kids on a road trip around the U.S. Great adventures, great learning and Shawn is a great storyteller. Maybe it will help you develop that dream a bit...and it's just good reading too.


Dear Joanne, something whispered to me to come to this little sweet spot tonight.....may I lift your dear name to our Lord in prayer and ask Him to fill your cup in an overflowing, mighty, hefty way as only He can; may you be blanketed in such a way that you are revived in spirit and renewed in gentle joy. I ask this in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

God Bless you Joanne and all of your Little Nest,

Nike Air Max

I;m learning from you both. What an amazing love you two have.

Ismael Kennedy

I think it's a good thing to continue your family counseling. This should help your family to establish a stronger bond, and this should help you out to know each other deeper. By the way, traveling around at the upper States can be a good plan. There's nothing more satisfying than having a vacation with your whole family. :)

Gabrielle Lee

Families do experience a lot of shortcomings that nobody would expect to happen. Attending a formal talk for the family's problems be healed is indeed helpful. This can make the marriage successful.

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