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My Mom has always told me that "the older you get the faster the time goes by" and I have found this to be true. Some of my days fly by and some(rarely) go at a painfully slow pace. I am a single working Mom who also home schools. My Mom does the teaching on the days that I work. I have 4 weekdays off this week and they are flying by. I would love to be able to do ALL of the homeschooling. I'm pretty sure that Saturday(work day)ail d-r-a-g by.

I am sorry that Audrey is not enjoying school. I will pray that she finds something fun about it. Thanks for the blog. I really enjoy reading it.

Sue Schneider

Thanks for a great post, Toben. I, too, feel like I can't express to my kids (now adults) or my granddaughter (only 3)or my husband how much I love them. I am woefully inadequate at it, though. I also liked the post for alot of other reasons. God's blessings to you for being such a "thoughtful" person- and I don't just mean considerate, though you seem to be that, too.
And God's peace and love to your loved ones, too. :)

Child of God

To show his deep love for my daughter, my husband bought her a small diamond ring. He took her out for a special lunch date and told her that he loved her deeply and he was willing to stand beside her and protect her until the day he gave her away as a bride to her husband, the he would back off and protect and love from a favourable distance. It touched my daughter very deeply knowing she is special in her daddy's eyes. She wears her ring on her marriage rig finger and only takes it off to shower. She promised her dad that she would allow him to protect her and out of respect she would obey him and I. It is a beautiful thing. Every time she doubts his love he need only remind her. I did the same for my son. Not the same effect on him but it did create a special bond, one that I see will grow in time.

No, we didn't get this idea from the movie Courageous but we did follow through with the action after we saw the movie. I had told my husband for years to do this for his daughter but he didn't want to because he only wanted to show me that kind of love, but after he saw the movie and the 'I told you so' kind of look I gave him, he agreed with me and we proceeded to purchase the rings.

Praying for you all.



Smiled on the math comment! :) Sounds like you are a faithful daddy. Blessed daughters indeed!

Kim Feth

Toben, We've just had the same conversations this week at our house! And yes, my DH and I have the same longing to communicate to our son just how deeply we love him. I remember from a Beth Moore Bible study that sometimes when the Bible translates a word as "perfect" that in it's original language it meant, "continuing to walk" - and I focus on that some days. A lot of days actually.
As always, we will continue to cover your prayer requests.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

Karen Booker Schelhaas

Not sure why this post out of so many has me so teary, but it does. You all have walked such a remarkable path, and I cannot even imagine how you must feel. I know Joanne doesn't know me well, but I sure would love to give her some of my time during a weekday -- maybe to get her out of the house for some fresh air and that all-too-important change of scenery. I get that. Let me know if that's something I can give her. Phone number is 303-249-9212. You can call or text! Big hugs and big prayers for all of the things you listed...

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