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renee altson

love the post. thanks for sharing part of your world.

Angela Hall

I so wish I lived in America your drive throughs sound awesome! I too am a diet coke freak not heard of Mexican coke though so with you on the ice I go through so many bags of it! Keep going xx


I totally understand the ice thing. I go to Sonic every morning for my Coke Zero extra ice. The morning crew knows just how I like it..packed with ice!


Mexican Coke is Coca-Cola made in Mexico and imported back into the U.S. It is delicious! Has a much less chemical after-taste to it than regular Coke does.

Angela, I'm not gonna lie, the drive thru is an amazing thing. You can go out to eat without even wearing shoes.

Kim Feth

Sometimes random thoughts are best shared!
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


My sister had a craving for ice once upon a time. She found out that she was very low on iron. She started taking iron pills that built her iron level back up and she immediately quit eating ice. Your iron level would be worth checking.


under $5 & soooo nutritous, right? NOT! & you probably shouldnt be drinking any kind of soda ("diet" or otherwise) before 11am anyway. hopefully your first dinner includes some veggies. i get that your family dynamic is different now, but healthy habits are very important at every age.


Totally with you on the ice thing. My favorite soft ice is at Zaxby's, then Sonic, and then the hospital where I work. I always go home with a big cup of ice. I,too, do not understand why drive thru's don't want to put ice in my drinks. I have started asking for a large cup of ice and a root beer with no ice. :D


A friend and I used to have "Dinner Part 2" in college (sometimes part 3, or 4, on a rare occasion a part 5). The pizza guys knew us by name, even the ones that delivered. With each part the nutrition level went down, of course.
Now that I'm out in the real world a coworker and I started having 2nd breakfast. Since we get in to work before 9am we're ready for another meal by 11, and there's not enough time for lunch.

Sounds like you have a good grasp on Second Dinner. Enjoy.

Christy S.

Missy, go be bossy somewhere else. The last thing Toben needs is a nutrition lesson -- he's a grown-up too, and he can make his own health and parenting decisions without snarky reminders.

Toben, I don't know you guys at all -- I linked to your blog through another friend. Remember when you all went to PF Changs for Joanne's first outing? I saw that you were going to do that and emailed them so they'd make it special (sounds like they did). They were so kind and really appreciated the chance to host you on such a meaningful occasion.

Anyway, I didn't tell you that to get a thanks but to thank YOU for taking the time to write this blog and send your own encouragement to readers even when I'm sure your well runs nearly dry from all you deal with. Godspeed. (P.S. Wendy's chili and a Frosty are an awesome late-night snack...)


Toben, your posts ROCK. I just had to say that. I think you are an incredibly rare breed of father/husband/caregiver/son. LOVE your posts!


I agree, Missy... you are preach'in to the the wrong family and on the wrong blog. Toben and family have too many "fans" and we won't allow him to bullied!
I agree whole heartedly Caroline!!!


I don't know this family at all, I just admire and pray from afar (MN). While nutritional habits are important, they are instilled at an early age so I would imagine Toben's girls understand the food pyramid pretty well. I would argue the most important family value right now is that of time together and I LOVE the way Toben meets his girls right where they are. He could insist on healthy, or he could acknowledge most teenagers aren't worried too much about it and celebrate a tradition which allows him to connect with his daughter at an age where she really needs to experience a strong male influence...she's not only forming impressions of what kind of man she may want to marry some day, much of her self-confidence is still coming from her parent's approval as well. This saga not only honors Audrey and has fun with what she likes, but they are creating amazing memories which tell her she is loved, valued, and worthy in her father's eyes.

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