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I have to say I am a tofu fan, but only when it is being tofu and not dressed up as something else. You just have to look the tofu in the eye and say, "you are tofu, do not try to be turkey," and then everything turns out okay. You are a brave dad and I am proud of how you guys are supporting Audrey's choices. My dad, 20 years into me not eating meat, is still in denial. Has she been to John Holly's - lots of choices she will love! Miss you guys!

Kim Feth

Someone brought tofurkey to the Thanksgiving Day dinner we participated in also. It turned out to the joke of the evening. Thank goodness I didn't try any! And I'm a former vegetarian.
Kim Feth

Kay Logan

I'm a vegetarian too- I made a veggie strudel from my veggie times magazine and enjoyed a few sides- made thanksgiving really good this year. I didn't have to pretend to eat meat. I am glad you support her- it is hard enough without support. Kudos on the effort.


I laughed so hard. Not in a nasty way just in a ewww, how yucky way.


I had tofurkey once. It was SO gross. I think a tire would've better. It's great you tried it but I is truly one of the worst foods (if you can call it that) out there.


I feel for you, these big occasions can be hard, here in the U.K we have something called Quorn which looks and tastes a little like chicken by the time i've smothered it in gravy and added my cranberry sauce, i don't know the difference ! Well done to Audery it's not always easy. Have a look through the recipes on line if you can and enjoy the journey!

Lisa Rowe-Peplinski

My niece had tofurkey at our house for thanksgiving. She left it in our fridge. I tried to feed it to our dog and he wouldn't eat it. Our dog eats anything. I am so sorry that you took a big bite.

lisa craddock

Ugh--I don't know if you remember, Toben, but we have always been mostly vegetarian ("flexitarian") since our marriage, and it started because of Doug's family. They were vegetarian and it was just a great fit for me too when I married in. Anyway, Doug's mom used to be completely gung-ho about the worst foods--she was totally into fat free, so would buy disgusting things like fat free cream cheese and fat free ranch dressing (both of which are abominations), and yes one year did a Tofurkey! But I noticed she only bought one for one Thanksgiving. No one said it was gross, but she never bought one again, and no one has ever mentioned it. Its like it never happened. ; )

Oh, and MIL also loved to buy veggie sausage patties (those aren't bad, depending upon the brand) and veggie sausage links. The latter are so bad our dog Macey would not eat them. And she would eat her own poop.


From one vegetarian to another - step away from the tofurkey. ;-)

Stuffed acorn squash is delicious for Thanksgiving or Christmas!


OK, I don't feel so bad. Sounds like Tofurkey is universally disliked. The thing about Thanksgiving is that so many of the sides can be prepared vegetarian. Believe me, Audrey had plenty to eat even without the Tofurkey!

Seaweed & Raine

Oh I would have loved to have seen your face! You're right, some tofu recipes should never make it out of the starting blocks - so to speak. I love scrambled tofu (and yes - I do eat eggs). If Audrey is interested in the recipe give me a yell.

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