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I have been following your journey since the beginning and I have appreciated your honesty along the way. Thank you for writing and for this in particular - I want to be 'that guy' too!

Angela Hall

That made me cry go for it Toben were routing for you and Gid us cheering you on x

Cathy King

Toben, you've got what it takes! You and the Lord have done so great and will continue to do so! So proud and inspired by you and Joanne! -a Memphis follower


You ARE "that guy"! Thank you for the love your pour over my friend, Joanne. All along this journey that's the one thing that I take from every post...Joanne is lucky and blessed to have Toben by her side. I feel your love for her and your longing to take care of her in everything you write. This one is a great reminder to check our attitudes in all we do. Thank you!!



I loved this. Thank you! I needed to hear this today. I'm facing down something I am scared and worried about doing tomorrow and that shot of courage was just right.

Thank you!

Kathryn (Wibbels) Wells

Excellent encouragement and challenge. Thanks, Toben.

Debbie Kierstead


I have tried to comment on this site several times and each time I my comments somehow don`t go through. I`m believin` it`s gonna happen this time!

I was first introduced to this site, very shortly after Joanne`s stroke; everything was touch and go and there were so many unknowns in your future, at that time. What a journey you have been on, as a family!

I just have to say that you are incredible! You have set your face like flint, grabbed that pole and I think you`re pole vaulting! I know that you have brought great joy to your Heavenly Father`s heart. He is so proud of you Toben!....for the choices you have made to love your wife as Christ loves her and to endeavour to raise those girls with God`s heart towards them. You are so authentic and is so refreshing to hear what you have to say....all I can say is God Bless you Toben--you have no idea what a treasure you are to God and the suffering of this present age is nothing compared to what God has prepared for those who love Him and you Love Him. It is evident!

Your attitude is inspiring and your attitude about wanting to have a good attitude is so good....Vault away, Toben!

One last thing--as I mentioned I came to this site just within hours of Joanne`s stroke. I came to the site because Barbara Curtis of had put out a prayer alert for Joanne. Ironically, Barbara, a wonderful mother of 12 children, also had a stroke and passed away within 2-3 days, just about a month ago. Her husband Tripp has endeavoured to carry on communicating on her website even as he is in shock and grieving. (I thought you might want to know; I didn`t know if Joannne knew about Barbara.) You and Tripp are examples to me of wonderful husbands who have such generous hearts to continue to communicate with the cyber-community that your spouses reached out to and I`ll tell you, your voice is being heard!! Blessings to you, brother.

In Christ, Debbie Kierstead

Lindsay Flynn

Have any idea of what the series was titled? I've looked it up on youtube and a ton of videos pop up.

Thanks! :)


I love this post. It can inspire us all, no matter what our challenges. Thank you for sharing.



I hope you will be real with friends/family and even us blog readers about the hard things and when things suck. We aren't just here for warm fuzzies. We are here because we care about you and your family and want to know what's going on.

Karen Booker Schelhaas

Inspiring. Motivating. Inspiring some more.


Great post, Toben!

Jan Maniatis

No words. Wonderful. You are the man, I knew you could be... mama jan

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