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Jen Lewis

Dear Joann and Toben,\
I am very, very sorry for your loss. No, seriously, because I LOVE my Kindle Fire. It is good to know that Amazon will replace it! (I let my 2 1/2 year old son watch "Cars" on it every day, so its only a matter of time, right?) Hope you guys are doing well :)


Does your public library offer the Overdrive service for downloading items as if you were checking them out from the library? My girls and friends borrow lots of books this way on a variety of devices and we've never run into a snag.

Way to go Amazon for helping out!


I don't blame her! I LOVE my Kindle Fire. Amazon has some amazing customer service. I have never been disappointed.

I have read this blog since I was directed here (I believe by Beth Moore's blog) at the time Joanne had her stroke. I've seen your journey, smiled at your triumphs and my heart hurt during your dark times. I just wanted to say God has used your story to uplift and remind us that this is not all there is... there is something better coming .... soon... when every tear will be wiped away. I cannot even begin to imagine what Joanne lost as a person and what you have lost as a family but I do know you will be rewarded.... 1000 fold... for walking faithfully, honestly and humbly before God and before us.... thank you for sharing your lives, it has truly made a difference in mine.

Child of God

Yea Amazon!! That is amazing news and I am glad to hear they did this for Joanne. :) Thank You Father, You are awesome!


Dee lakes

My husband had a right brain, major stroke not long before your wife had hers. I was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer at the same time while he was in Intensive Care at our local hospital, not knowing if he would live or die. I am also profoundly deaf...and we have no family here to help. So, in reading your blog since Joann's stroke, I marvel at all the help you and and quite honestly, feel very envious. That has to make a huge difference in all of your daily living. You are beyond fortunate. I got through it all, somehow, by the Grace of GOD but it could have been less stressful having the kind of support you have. Hang in there....things may not improve with Joann's health; my husband has not improved, but he is able to live here at home and I am able to take care of him. You will be able to do that too and you don't have to rely completely on yourself.
Best Wishes,

Mo Stroke

Good customer service is the best! My mom used to LOVE her Kindle Fire before her right brain stroke. Hoping to reintroduce her to it when she gets a little stronger and "with it." (I'm an iPad snob myself... lol)


I dread the day my Kindle Fire dies. I recently had a little issue ( easily resolved with google) but I thought it was the end.

I love my Fire and am a really heavy user so I am guessing it is just a matter of time.

If you guys have a Prime membership you are probably aware that most purchases on Amazon offer free shipping with prime. I find many items on Prime for the same price or less than I would pay at a major box store. I have found great deals on everything from gifts to household items like TP and laundry soap.

I hope her new kindle has a long life!


Doesn't Joanne have an iPad? You can get the Kindle app on the iPad, as backup if nothing else.


Hi Joanne--I love you and miss you and i hope one day you will come here and be with us for a week or two. I love you. --Pumpkin

He and I were just talking about you. I miss you, too!!!!

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