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Bobbie Lutz

We will keep your sister and your family in our prayers, Toben.

Julie Powell

Yes. Praying.

Praying for your sister and your little familynToben. Hugs



i'm so sorry and yes, I'm praying...may Jesus tend to her like only He can...full of love and grace and truth. Praying for you all as you find your way down this path.



You are not alone in this Toben. First, God is with you every step. And there are those of us that have walked this path in our own families. Sending hugs to you all.


Every family has complications. Praying for your sister.

Helen Washington

Praying to the God of all comfort to comfort each and every one of you in the way only He can.


Praying for healing and peace for your sister and the whole family



Marena Sheffield

My mother was a schizophrenic; it is such a devastating disease. That is the main reason I'm a psychiatric nurse. Drug/alcohol abuse is so common in this population that I'm not surprised to hear that your sister has that problem too. I will keep her, and you, in my prayers.

Jan Maniatis

So sad, so hard. Praying for each of you as you have unique relationships with her and sort through things for yourself. Very difficult to see anyone in this kind of hell.


Toben, thank you for sharing what is going on with your family. I love how transparent you are. I will be praying for peace for your sister and your family.




Praying Jesus will intercede on your behalf

Liz Reeves

I'm glad you shared, Toben. It shows me how to pray. And don't worry. I think almost all of us have someone in our family who is similar to your sister. I know I do.


Praying for your family and your sister.
I come from a family of alcoholics and understand the pain, emotions and damage that is done.

Praying for peace and healing for you all . . .


Saying a prayer...Mental illness is every bit as worthy (and seems so much more complicated)than physical. Hard to know what is the will of the person and what is the will of the disease. At least in my experience. Bless you all.


I am so sorry. I am praying for your sister & you and your family!
I am bi-polar and we have mental illness in our family. Thank you for sharing this!


Oh Toben and Joanne- I will definitely pray for your sister, your parents, and you both.


Praying. Thank you for sharing with us.

Child of God

Toben and Joanne, I am so sorry hear this. I am sure this must hurt you a lot. Praying for your sister and you guys and your whole family during this time.



Oh Toben... Prayers, compassion and hugs. Thank you for sharing so we can hold you, your family and dear sister in ours prayers.


Prayers for you Toben. We all have people who we aren't comfortable letting people know they are related to us. But blood is thicker than water and God knows we all love our loved ones no matter what!!




I am sorry.
We'll be praying.


Thanks for sharing. I will pray. Tough times for your sister. And that means tough times for the family. I think the best thing you can do is to keep showing her love, but honestly I am not sure what that " looks like."


I am sorry you are going through this. Addiction is a horrible thing. Addiction coupled with mental illness is not uncommon. The addiction complicates the mental illness, the metal illness make the desire for drugs ( and self medicating) incredibly strong.

The only thing you can do is let her know you love her, but you will always hold your bottom line.

Karen Booker Schelhaas

I will pray for her. Been there, done that with family. It's hard. I saw God in that darkness, though -- most assuredly. Didn't expect to, and then just like that, I did. Much love to you and your family.

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