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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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LOVE seeing you blog again and look forward to more. Also love having you close again.

Bobbie Lutz

It's so good to hear from you on your blog again! I know you love writing and reading...and Denver is beautiful. I sleep so well when I'm in open year round at night! You mentioned earlier that you played with a toy that an option? We have a one yr old golden retriever...she's an awesome dog but the shedding is unbelievable! Hope you find a loving cuddly puppy.

Marla Taviano

1. I love you!
2. YES to blogging more often!
3. I am laughing at your description of everything in your pockets!
4. Excited about all the new things you're able to do!
5. Messaging you for your address!
6. xoxoxo!


So glad you are blogging. It sounds from the blog like you are in a really great frame of mind. Positive and upbeat. That is wonderful and you deserve it.


So glad you are blogging! You are been missed! Praying for you tonight!


So happy to have you back blogging. You have been missed. We will be visiting Janna in July, maybe we can meet up for coffee or ice cream. Hope to see you then.

renee altson

love, love, love.


So happy to hear from you again!


Hi Honey
I was sad/happy/blessed/encouraged/proud of YOU as I read your blog x

Love and Hugs to you all

xxx <>< xxx

Angela hall

Welcome back dear sister from another mother we all love you. Go you for doing this blog on your own xx


So glad you are blogging again. Life takes so many twists & turns, many undesired. But, somehow The Lord enables us to see another sunrise. Thank God we don't know what's up ahead at least in the immediate sense, right?

Thanks, Joanne...following you has been a true privilege. I hope we get to meet someday (before heaven)!

Samantha Krawciw

Joanne - I wish you could have seen your dad last night! One of my dogs was laying at his feet and my other dog climbed behind his shoulders and was napping in his chair. The dogs love him :-)


So happy you're blogging again! Try a cross-body bag when you go for the mail. It has really helped me to carry things since I only have use of my left side since my stroke.

Paula Romer

It's good to hear from you, personally, on your blog. It sounds like you are settling in well at your folks new place. I am sure it is very reassuring to have such loving, kind, patient and pro-active parents on your team. It sounds like the new experiences will "challenge" you in a good way and it seems this encouraging environment will aide in you in branching out and trying new things. I'm so glad you are back in physical therapy and I am sure you will make great progress. I pray the Lord will go before you and make straight your path. I pray the Lord will restore the years that the locusts have eaten and will restore and reconcile so much that has been lost. You have a fighting spirit Joanne. I will continue to pray for you "that the Lord will set your boundary lines in good and pleasant places."

Barb from CNY

So, so great to hear from you! Hope you have a wonderful time camping, and looking forward to more updates from you. As always, keeping you and your family in my prayers!

Tammi Lafuente

I have loved following your journey and remember so many desperate prayers on your behalf at the beginning of this ordeal. One of my close friends is an avid blog reader and asked me to pray for you when you had your stroke. My 49 year sister-in-law had a stroke very unexpectedly around the same time you did. She did not survive. Our family has not been the same since.

I have so enjoyed watching you become more active on Facebook. It makes me smile when you "like" one of my posts or comment on it. Although we have not met, I have walked on the sideline of your journey cheering you along. I will continue praying and lifting you to our Father who unites us!

Your friend,
Tammi Lafuente


So very that glad you are blogging again!! I've missed you and your updates. You have a beautiful way of sharing your life and by the many comments I can see I am not alone in this sentiment! I can't wait to hear about your camping adventures! :)

cheryl veenstra

Sounds like you have a fun, busy summer ahead! Looking forward to hearing from you more too! Hugs Joanne...


Wow you sound great. Really! I imagine the decsion to stay in Denver was enormously complicated but good for you - you sound better than you have in a long time. I imagine that finally sleeping well has a huge part of it. Keep writing! Look forward to hearing all about your next move.

Kristy Hunt

Great to hear from you JoAnne! Praying for you as you settle in a new living situation and all of your summer adventures! We got a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel... Very mellow and live to snuggle! She's been a blessing for our family, especially for Charity as she is needing extra help coping with her colitis :)

Kristi Lonheim

Very thankful you have found an accessible way to blog again. I know I am not the only one who has missed hearing from you. You continue to be in my prayers, one of them being that at some point God will shed His light on the 'why' of it all. Blessings on your day!


Welcome back! You were missed. Praying for you and your family.

Melanie - NJ

You go, girl. So happy you are reawakening. Wishing you much happiness as you work through your challenges and Godspeed!

Holly Smith

Joanne can do ALL THING through Christ who gives her strength, courage, and hope! I love you friend. Press on and into Jesus--and laugh at the days to come with me. They are gonna be good ones! Love you!! Holly

Holly Smith

THINGS! I mean :) Must edit for my editing friend....hahahaha!


Thank you so much for sharing this post! It is a blessing and an inspiration to me.


So glad you are blogging again, we all miss you and wonder how you are doing. Blessings to you Joanne!


So enjoyed your blog today, Joanne. It's great that you are writing again and looking forward to the events of the rest of the summer. I look forward to seeing you soon and send blessings your way.

Linda E

A poodle or bichon frise are great dogs. Neither shed and they both are very sweet and gentle. Look at to adopt one and save a life!

I am praying for joy and happiness in your life. God bless you.

Lisa Pacheco

Joanne, I am so happy to see that you are writing your blog again. I always enjoy reading your updates and adventures!
It sounds like you need a fashionable fanny pack, if there is such a thing, to keep all of your things in and still keep you hands and pockets free.
We have three Cockapoo dogs that are sweet, cuddly, hypoallergenic, and either low or no shed. They are a sweet and smart breed.
Always in my prayers!!!

Kim Feth

Joanne, It's so nice to hear your voice and read your words again! Keep up the positive things. I am still praying for a full recovery that can only be credited to God.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

Aunty Em

I am so glad you have an interesting summer ahead. I am at loose ends since my Bible study group won't resume until September.

Beth Moore has a new Bible study out, "Children of the Day." When I called Lifeway Books to see if they had it in stock, I accidentally asked for "Children of the Night"! LOL, they probably thought I wanted a Bible study about vampires!

I will continue praying for you.

child of God

Hi Joanne,
It is nice seeing you blog again. :)

Sure does look like you are going to be busy.

Praying for you dear one.

Diana Wolz

Hi Joanne ~ This is my first time leaving a comment. I have followed your blog since your stroke. I have to say that my heart is breaking for you. It must be so hard. Thank God for your parents. I live in Highlands Ranch and would love to meet you sometime. Please contact me if you are interested - (I hope so)and we can chat. Of course I have no idea how hard things must be for you, but if I can help you pass some time and have a few laughs - that sounds good to me. Please take me up on my offer. I am praying for you & your family. Take care of yourself, Diana


Wish all of us were sitting around in fellowship with you. You touch us all by your honesty and forbearance. Continuing prayers for Toben and the girls and you with your resilient parents who walk with you in so many ways. Love that you and your mom get to go to Bible study together. What sweet days. Looking forward to your adventures. Know you are surrounded with love and prayers.
Kate in Idaho

Liz Reeves

It always makes me so happy to see you post an update on the blog!!


Glad to see your update! Have you thought about getting a service dog to help you? Just a thought.


Welcome home, sweet girl! We have been anxiously awaiting your arrival. You are fully loved here and we are massively blessed by your return!

Julie Reynolds

So glad to see you are back! Toben did a great job keeping us updated but its always nicer to "hear" your voice! Welcome home Joanne!


I too am glad to hear from you. Continuing to pray. Keep your head up and your heart open. Hug.


Love you sis.

Jay w

Very happy news to hear all the good things falling into place but also bittersweet since you are not with your family. Praying for all of you.


Welcome back! You are forging a new life for yourself and it sounds great! YOU sound great! I've read your blog since the early days and just checked in to see if you had started up again and there you are!

I am in dog rescue and we see a lot of breeds come and go. The small mutts tend to be the best lap dogs, but if you're looking breed specific, I think the right Yorkshire terrier would be a good fit for you and your parents lifestyle. He/she would need a haircut by a groomer now and then, but most of the non-shedding dogs do. I say "the right yorkie" because in any breed, there can be the hyper one. You need to get to know the dog/puppy a little before adopting it. (or purchase from reputable breeder - no pet store puppies!) Another breed, and I have one of these.. is actually a mix, a cockapoo - cocker poodle mix. The ones I have come to know are awesome temperment, non shedding, good size.

Good luck to you! And keep blogging!


Glad your back Joanne!!!!


Joanne, reading your post was like fresh rain on parched, dry land. We've missed you, so it was wonderful to hear from you again! Our prayers continue for you and your family. Keep on keeping on!


Yay! So happy to see you blogging again. Love and prayers!

Sandra Heska King

We got two Havanese sibling pups last year and named them Susanna and Wesley. Maybe you've seen them on Facebook. Sweet, sweet dogs. No-shed, hypoallergenic. A lot of fun. But maybe you've also seen they are still going through their puppy phase--chewing up everything.

Wesley has passed his good canine citizen classes and will test out as a therapy dog as soon as the lady comes around again. (Dogs have to be a year old.) Now we're starting to work with Susanna--she's a little ADD with a brain the size of a pea, it seems. :)

You might want to put feelers out for a dog who's already had some training--or even a service dog like Anne above suggested. Except I think those tend to often be on the larger size.

Consider a dog that's already through the puppy stage, I think. And one not so small that it could get tangled up in your legs. Wesley is full-grown at 16 pounds (a little on the large size for his breed) and can still sit on your lap. Susanna is on the smallish size. She was the runt of the litter and has learned to do battle for whatever she needs.

Labs are are what we've had in the past. They're wonderful dogs, but they do shed something fierce.

Oh... when we were looking, I read that females will love you, but males will fall in love with you. I don't think that's true, but it's something to think about. ;)

Praying for you, girl. And I'll be looking for pictures.

Carrie P


I just now saw this post and am so heartened to hear from you. As you can see from the comments, you are dearly loved and lots of us miss your writing and hearing how you are doing. I hope to see you blogging regularly. You are very special.

I agree with one of the comments that asked about you considering a service dog. I have a friend with one and they are amazing helpers/caregivers/companions.

You are still in my prayers.

Jenna Hoff

Hi Joanne,
You have such a beatiful way of expressing yourself and a highly skilled writer. This is a gift from God to cherish. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

You are doing really great with using the dragon dictation software. Several months ago I emailed you to see if there is anything I could do to help you with your writing. I was going to say that the offer still stands, however I can see that you are doing so well with the software that my help's not needed! That's great! ! For what my 2 cents is worth, I do think you should write a book .


Thanks for the book suggestion The Giver. Our family loved the series. Anymore book recommendations?

Lora Lovin Osburn

Welcome back Joanne!!! I've missed you dear.

When you get a dog, get a Maltese - they fit all your criteria. Our Lilly Belle is 12 years old and the most delightful dog ever.

Bless you Joanne!


Was so nice to read your updated post. Praying for you and your family.

Susan Marie Wells

Joanne, I loved your blog and am happy for you. Heard you were looking for a dog. I am not a breeder, but my female Australian Shepherd mated with a black lab and we have four beautiful black pups as a result. Granted they will probably shed, but I'm thinking not much as they have short hair. They are smart and loving. My husband and I have loved and raised them from birth. If you are interested in meeting them, just let me know. We will figure something out. You can call me at 719-629-6299 or text me if you like. I'm thinking you might like my girl pup. Her name is Picante. We named them all after peppers. Her mom's name is Chilli Pepper. Susan

Susan Marie Wells

P.S. There would be no charge to you for the pups. I would be pleased to offer one to you because you are so courageous. Susan

Aunty Em

Fight, Joanne! Don't let Tobin and the girls do this to you. Get a lawyer if you don't already have one and fight to the finish! You have rights. Please don't give up.


Oh,reading that last comment,does this mean you and Toben have separated for good? So sad to read this,and your girls too? Maybe all is not as it seems?


Please Joanne, write again. I pray for you daily and your life is important to me. As Christians, we feel pain, happiness, sadness, and relief for each other. I care about you.
Wishing you His forever blessings, from Patti, just a little distance away in Ohio.


Loved reading this and look forward to reading more!

Joanne Heim

Thank you!

Joanne Heim | Sent from my iPhone

Merla Parker

Joanne, I have no real experience with what you are going through with the physical loss you have incurred. But I have appreciated your real world accounts of the adjustments you have had to make as a result of your stroke. Adjusting to your new reality has not been easy but i lift you up as one who has been courageous; and in this last post I even sense some spunk coming back into your personality. Continue on with getting your "sea Legs" in this new world. God is without question, right beside you putting the people you need in your path. I look forward to hearing more from you. As for a dog, I have a havanese-maltese mix, sometimes called Havamalt-lovely personality and sticks beside me like we are glued together-non shedding and a very good traveller.


I keep waiting for a post to see how you are. My heart hurts for you and how difficult this road has been. Whether you think so or not, you are keeping upbeat and positive. You are an inspiration to me. Post when you can!


Evonne Smith

I am sorry to hear that you aren't with your husband and children right now. I don't know the circumstances, but God does. I will be praying for you. I am so glad that you have the loving support of your parents right now. It sounds like you are doing really well and have a lot to look forward to. As far as a dog breed is concerned, I have three cockapoos and I love them all dearly. They are the best dogs ever. Very sweet and loving. Also, very smart. You can probably find one through a rescue. Any poodle mix will work out well, as poodles are non shedding. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


Miss your updates. Hope you are well.


I miss you too, Joanne. So looking forward to when you feel like blogging again. You are in my thoughts and prayers!


Joanne, you are loved, and dearly missed, by your blog followers. ♥

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