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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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Hi Joanne,You need to add blogging to your already busy calendar. Keep trying, eventually you'll get back to it. Hugs, Kimberly


So good to hear your voice. So good. It is a constant reminder to me that our Lord and Savior works all things together for good. Take care of your precious self!

Courtney McDermed

It's good to read a new blog post from you Joanne! I follow you on FB of course but it's good to read about you in a longer post as well.

Chris Payne

Keep at it girl! I love hearing your voice here and on fb. I could tell from our too short visit last week that you are on a great path and getting stronger with each day. I can't way to see you again (hopefully in November)!

Joanne Heim

Im looking forward to it!

Sent from my iPad


Great post! Don't forget to cut yourself a break!!! I was thinking, as I was reading your post, one of the tips a speaker has is to speak softly so people will strain to hear you and pay more attention. You are speaking softly through your posts. You don't have to write all the time to be effective! Been following you a LONG time and will continue to do so no matter how often you post.

annemarie anderson

I want to see a pic of your wonder woman jammies. I think that is #1 on my list for xmas :-). Love. You. #myhero

Fran Thomas

Joanne....I'm SO happy to read your written words! I'm glad you are adjusting and doing so well...look at you! ROCK ON SISTER!! I'm so proud of you! Thanking God for you tonight and how far you have come. Keep at it! So much love to you!


So happy to hear your update! Love following you on twitter to hear normal happens but I appreciate your update so I can hear more about how you are recovering. I will keep praying! You are loved!!


I'm not on facebook, so I am elated to see a post from you. I check almost daily and almost missed today that it was a new one! I get so used to checking and then clicking away, but, yeah! Not today! You sound like you are doing really well. Continuing to pray for you.


Hi Joanne, thanks for the update. Glad you're settling into your new normal. Sending love to you. I think, someday, you have another book in you, waiting to get out. Can't wait to read it. xxxooo

Lynn Kelly

Hi Joanne, so good to get an update on your health, progress, mental status, etc. I cannot imagine the challenges you have overcome, but have been there beside you in Spirit and in prayer since day 2 or 3 when Beth called out for prayer for your stroke.
I know you have talked many months ago about the girls issues and I hope they are doing well as well as hubby. It has been tough for all your families and I wish we could pray it all back to pre-stroke. If it's not too painful, I'd love to know if you get to see them at all, or what we could pray for about that situation.
Sometimes, it is just so difficult to accept the 'what is.' Love and prayers to you in your journey!
Lynn in TX

Kim Feth

Ok, for you I'll follow twitter. Tell your sweet Mom we all said thanks for the transcription work. I'm so glad to hear you're getting into a schedule and routine. I'm still praying for a full recovery, so make sure that's on your plan of care with your physical therapists.

Thanks for the update!
With Love,
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


SO Happy and Blessed to hear from you on your blog Joanne! Praying for your recovery and comfort. Janine




I check every day - so good to see you post! Amen for a new normal. Peace and Blessings!!!!

child of God

Hi Joanne,
It so good to see you so busy and finding a routine. Continuing to pray for you. :)


You are missed. :)
Thanks to your sweet mom for typing this out.
I got your email about my FB messages.
Computer time is tough right now, but I'll try to email soon.
Much love!!!
PS-I just did a post myself last night that might answer your question about life here.

Liz Reeves

You know I love hearing from you here on the blog, but I'm grateful for our friendship on Facebook as well! :)


Hey Joanne. I do not think I have ever commented but I have followed your blog since shortly after you had your stroke. Your strength is never ending and I enjoy reading updates. I have sent a friend request on facebook since you stated you post there more frequently.


SO HAPPY to see another blog post, Joanne! It's encouraging to hear that you are in a place where you feel supported, stimulated, and safe to heal and thrive! I admire how you're handling everything with strength and integrity. Any direction on how to pray for you and your family? Selfishly...and as a fan of anything visual, I'd also love to see some of your art therapy projects. Creativity is so healing. :)
Much love, Adele

Darla Baerg

I have thought about you and prayed for you since your stroke. I am so glad you have settled into a routine. I wondered you are able to see your girls when toungontoncoorafo springs. Praying for that and for relationships to be healed. Your parents sound extraordinary. Blessings.

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