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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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Marla Taviano

Your p.s.? AMAZING. Love you so so much!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!


AWESOME_NESS, Joanne! I long to see you. Tea, soon?!

Holly Smith

I like in dependence... That is the key. Depending on God for every little and big thing. I love you BIG!

Dean Skaret

Independence By Living In Dependence- A great title for your next book!!

Am glad "Dad" is doing so much better. I would sure like to sit in on one of your Sunday School classes some day!!

lana dunkerley

You are a sweet soul...

Heather Henricks

Thanks for writing. I love reading your thoughts. You are a woman I admire so much. You're just pretty special.


Loved your PS, great to see you blogging again. So proud of the progress you are making and your great attitude. Julie


Always love getting updates from you!


I always love hearing from you. Cannot believe you haven't seen your girls in so long. Saying special prayers over your relationship with Toben and the girls right now. Much love.

Pam Houston

Believing with you for restoration with your darling girls...Yes dependence on the LORD in our weaknesses and shining forth in His strength is the secret Paul spoke of in the epistles...Love you so in Him! So glad you are back on The Simple Wife..."T 'is the gift to be simple, t'is the gift to be free!"


So nice to hear from you and to know that you can do without your cane some now. I hope you can eventually throw it away! It's been a rather cold spring here in the south, but summer-like temps are ahead for this week.

I find that I can only truly be independent if I am dependent on God. A recurring problem in my family of origin popped up last week and I had a couple of bad days. When my friend and I had lunch, she asked how things were going. Part of me wanted to unload the "latest" but I suddenly realized that wasn't really fair. While she would have listened compassionately, it would have cast a shadow on our time together. So my reply was "Such-and-such happened but I'm handling it." That morning I had left the problem where it belonged, at the feet of my Heavenly Father.

You are such a positive example not only to me but to everyone who reads your blog. That Maddie-dog is a cutie!

Darla Baerg

I was just thinking about you and so very glad to read an update. My heart breaks over and over for your relationship with your girls. I want to bed Toben to bring them to you. I don't know what has caused their distance but, just the simple fact that they should honor their mother, I wish they would come.

You have an amazing attitude. Blessings on your continued physical and emotional healing.

Charlotte Moore

I can't imagine your children not seeing you for a year. They are sure missing out. PRAY all that will work out soon.

Good news that you are making good progress.


So great to hear from you, Joanne! And I'm thrilled to hear about your progress and your Dad's as well. Continuing to pray for you all daily.

Kathy Collard Miller

So good to hear from you. i'm proud of you!

Sheila Hinkle

Each time you post my heart is touched! Life has been so hard and hearing how you are pressing on and trusting the Lord is so encouraging to me. Thank you so much! Remembering you in prayer daily...God Bless!

Tammy Allen-Schenke

Perfect timing and much to ponder! Thank you Joanne. Grateful for you and your walk (cane-less & otherwise :-) Celebrating dependence along with you!! (((hugs)))


God is doing such good work. I loved reading your update, and I trust He's doing so much good work we can't even see or imagine. Love to you.


Thank you for sharing your heart! It is such an encouragement to me. Your PS of independence being found in dependence reminds me of Psalm 16:6. I have had to learn that the boundaries that The Lord has placed around me actually give me freedom in many ways. I just did not realize it until I accepted His boundary lines.

Helen Washington

So good Joanne,
I always came to your blog because I knew that there would be some nugget of great wisdom that you were learning or were rolling over in your mind. Thanks for continuing to share your days. I am so happy that you are making such great gains in very happy!
Keep up the good work and keep writing. I am saying that to myself as well.
Much love and hugs!

Jennifer X

In-dependence, I like it! Glad to hear from you again! Prayers for continued strengthening in all areas. :)

heidi carrico

So proud of you, Joanne!! Ditching the cane occassionally... amazing!! Huge steps forward. Keep it up... and you must keep posting... we always love hearing from you, because we care and love you! So we continue rooting for you!! Curious how the girls are doing? do you get to talk to them? Seems so wrong Toben doesnt allow you to visit. I feel so bad for you, Joanne! You need hugs from your girls!! Praying!!! Heidi C.


I always look forward to your blog entries. Please keep posting! I'm so glad to hear that you're getting stronger and getting to leave that cane at home! Even though we have never met, I pray daily for your health and especially for the restoration of the relationship with your daughters. Praying for you today!


Dear Joanne;
You don`t know me, but you have become dear to me through the words of your blog, and the inspirational way you share the story of your heart and life.

Our situations are very different, and yet there are commonalites. I too have disabilites and challenges and am a Christian and I feel compelled to do something for you. There is a Christian book that has changed my perspective completely and ministered to the part of my soul that has grieved my physical losses and just felt so sad and confused as to why I have to suffer what I do. I have been buying this book for all my friends who have illness or disabiliteis, as well as reading it as a morning devotion. As I read your words, I just really think this book could be a blessing in your life, as it has been to me. It would mean so much to me to be allowed to purchase this book for you (either in ebook or a paper book). If you would allow me this priviledge, could you please email me your contact info (so I know how or where to send the book). My email is [email protected]

Jenna Hoff

Joanne Heim

Thank you! I can only read books on kindle these days since i cannot hold a real book with only one hand...

Sent from my iPad

janine longoria

Dear Joanne, So much time has passed since we've greeted one another. I am so pleased to read of the amazing strides you've taken over the past year and of the loving devotion of your parents and sister. My girls and I are holding you up in prayer - that God will continue to provide assurance that the life you are living is truly in His hands and that you'll continue to claim his promise "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 On my run today I was reminded of the encouragement in Isaiah 43:19 "See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland."
Be of good courage my friend - We pray in Jesus name for total restoration of body, soul and family . Much love, Janine


You have a beautiful soul, Joanne - and Congrats on your continued progress! You go!

Kathy C.

I haven't been by to visit you in a while, thanks for catching us up, I really hope you continue to experience progress as you work so hard, and I also hope you will write more!


Can you please tweet and share on facebook for this little gitl? Such a tragedy!

Lisa Craddock

Joanne, I just went back and caught up on all these recent blog posts--my parents came to visit from out of state (3 years since my kids had seen them) and so I wasn't spending time at the computer! : ) I'm so glad to hear the good things about walking without the cane, your successful foot surgery, the bus rides, etc. Yay! I am also so grieved for you because of what is happening with Toben and the girls. It is not right, and they need you in their lives. I'm praying about this, and asking God to give you all strength where needed, wisdom, compassion, and lots of mercy. Oh, and overflowing LOVE straight from the heart of the Giver of all good things. May His love pour over all of you, and may His arms enfold you. I'm not going to stop praying about this, because you MATTER, Joanne, as your girls' mom. Even if they don't know it (because they are teens!) it is true. So I'm praying for all that, and for your continued blessings for you & your parents.

Much love to you!

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