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Bobbie Lutz

Joanne, you...and Maddie, continue to amaze me...such a gift from God! You have been an inspiration to me since we "met" as Siestas many years ago. Encouraging my walk with God and loving His Word, fighting back after a bump in our journies, and being a strong woman for God. I can see where Maddie can bring a smile to faces and a warmth to those who meet her with you by her side. Hugs to you both and your wonderful family!

Holly Smith

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! Only thing missing is pictures! Take some next time, if you can!

I love you dearly.


This brought tears to my eyes. You have come full circle and now you are blessing others. Amazing.


Love!!!! ❤


Beautiful thoughts and a beautiful gift to others are are behind you on your journey. Thank you for not forgetting them.

Teri Butcher

You're an inspiration. :)


Just saw the additional blog with the photo. Oh this is just such a smile-bringer. good for you! And Maggie!

Keisha Goodman

Hi! I have been reading your blog for several years now (since right after you had the stroke), but this is my first comment! I love seeing your updates!

Maddie is adorable! It is SO good to see you and her volunteering at the hospital. I'm sure that everyone will anticipate seeing more of you and her. I pray that God gives you and Maddie more opportunities to be used for the glory of his kingdom!

God Bless!

Sheila Hinkle

So happy for you and Maddie both!


This is amazing, Joanne! What a great way to give back. I'm so impressed with your recovery!

Karen Hicks

Joanne, you just keep getting more & more awesome all the time! What a beautiful woman with an equally beautifully heart. You & your sweet dog are being used by God to lighten other people's loads and bring them joy and comfort. May God continue to shine on you and through you!

Karen Hicks


You look amazing, Joanne! And Maddie is truly a gift that keeps on giving! I like to share the gift of laughter! I don't ever leave a comversation without some type of chuckle! It truly is healing! I am sooooo happy to see you happy! Your story continues to amaze me and build my faith in the love God has for us as His children! 💕💕💕💕

Jackie Rackley

This is miraculous! No other way could this happen without God doing it!! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!


this makes me happy! A dog came to visit when my dad was recovering from a stroke! It brightened his countenance to see that furry little life and he looked hoped to enjoy more visits! He put on the voice he uses for cute things, even though his vocal strength was very challenged.. THAT in turn brightened our faces too!'


Maddie is such a cutie; I always look forward to pictures of her. Animal therapy is indeed a wonderful thing. When my dad was in rehab after a stroke, someone brought in their chocolate Lab and this lovely animal really brightened dad's day. My daughter would love to have her dog trained for this but he's too hyper.


Joanne, I love how you are helping others and I just love everything about this post. How sweet of Bill to give you that sweet dog.




WOW! After 2 years, I found your blog again. I lost all the blogs I followed when I had to replace my old computer. You & I had a stroke about the same time. I have been very discouraged lately on my lack of progress. To see this I am reminded about how faithful God is and how I have not been forgotten (even though I've believed the lies of the enemy of my soul). Thank you. You look and ARE Amazing!


It's great that you're able to do this. Maddie sounds like a wonderful, lovable dog. Is that you in the red shirt in the picture? Or did you take the pic?


I am so happy to have found this post. I love when you post Joanne! I love reading about Maddie and the Joy she is bringing you and others.


I'm so happy that beautiful Maddie has been such a blessing to you and now to so many others. Dogs bring such joy to our lives.

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