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Holly Smith

You are the BRAVEST girl I know!! Enjoy this time, my friend. It is SUCH a BIG WIN for you. And you know I am holding your hand in prayer, while you fly.

Renee altson

I would love to connect. I totally understand if that isn't possible. Yay! 🎉😃

Tammy Allen-Schenke

Eeeek!!! this is HUGE!! I'm so excited for you! relish every moment and don't forget your sunscreen lady!! ;-) Praying nothing but a smooth flight and plenty of sunshine!! (((hugs)))

Bobbie Lutz

I'm so excited for you! Have a great trip and enjoy the sun...we will be in California in May and I can't wait. My husband is an aerospace engineer and after years in the AF he's teaching Airplane design and I love flying with him...he gets a lot of questions from me when we fly! Btw, I think Maggie's going to have as much fun as you!

Susie T

How exciting...hope you have a blast!

Pam lewko

So excited !!! I'm here in Oceanside and would love to see you while you are here!!

Lori Rathbun

I hope you have a great vacation. I hate flying too so I am proud of you for facing your fears and trusting God. 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚🌴🌴🌴🌴


Have a terrific time! Hope you have a window seat to see His creation from that perspective again. San Diego is near and dear to our hearts and a beautiful piece of earth. Proud of all of the milestones you are facing with trust!

Beverly Atkins

It all sounds so exciting. I finally found you on facebook. I accidently hit the button to be a friend. Please excuse the request. I wanted to follow you on facebook. I've been following your blog since before the stroke. I love seeing how you are making your life so positive. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Charlotte Moore

How exciting for you. I have only flown one time and do not care to do it again. Have a wonderful trip!! BLESSINGS!!


I share your trepidation about flying. My pastor - who also doesn't like to fly - always says God stated right in the Bible "Lo(w) I am with you always!" I love San Diego and am sure it will be worth the butterflies. Have a wonderful time!


Sea World is hell on earth for whales and if you cared about them at all you would boycott!


Ooh! I've got somewhere you HAVE to eat while you're here! (Plus just trying to email you in general) But my email keeps bouncing to you...

Can you direct me to where your current email address is?

Or do you screen comments? Because I could just send it as a comment if you then wouldn't post it? LOL.

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