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Sandra Heska King

I'm glad for your beautiful prayerful day and for your sweet spirit. And for tea and scrambled eggs. Sending hugs and lifting a prayer for you and your girls. xo


I pray for your sake & theirs you will heal & reunite your relationship. I don't know what I would have done without my spiritual warrior who was mom. She's in heaven now & I miss our talks

Holly Smith

Perfect peace! May it continue to reign in your heart, my friend. You spent your day wisely and well. I want to love Jesus and others like you do.


Hugs! I think of (and pray for) you often with regards to motherhood. I'm sure your girls will one day treasure the letters. Love that your new perspective on the day has caused such a turn around.

Jennifer Saake (StrokeOfGrace)

This is so beautiful! I've been praying for you. Thankful that you had such a God-filled day. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Terry mzzterry

Blessings to you, dear one. Sounds as if you are on the right path.


Praying, still. <3

Lyn Smith

Beautifully done and said. I love how you are allowing things that were planted in pain to blossom into the radiance of Christ. His presence in you is blessing so many of us. Thank you!

Lynn kelly

Love in action. ❤️

Kim Feth

I'm so glad you are finding a new way to Mommy. I know this day is difficult for you. I am continuing to pray for a complete recovery!!
Love from NC,
Kim Feth


You are a gentle Warrior. Praying!

Janine longoria

Thinking of you often and praying for you in this season of life Joanne.

Susie T

Wow! Thank you for being so clear & descriptive in your recap of the day. I could feel (well, almost) your voice & emotions. You're helping us deal with extreme loss & pain of awful proportions...even if our experiences are not similar. But,God...

You're awesome, Joanne. You're sowing into so may lives, including mine!

Charlotte Moore

This was so heart touching. GOD BLESS!!


I admire your plan of action and will be praying for you as you forge this new way of marking occasions that have been difficult. Thinking of you.


Have been praying for this situation (you and the girls) for over a year now and will continue. You truly are living Jesus to them amidst your pain and I believe that God will redeem and restore one day. I find myself in a similar situation with regard to a son who wants to move to his dad's so he can live "free" and "wordly." It's so difficult to wrap our brains around and heart-shattering doesn't even begin to describe. Thank the Lord for the wisdom and compassion He has given you - and thank you for freely ministering to us. Hugs.


Thank you for letting us know how the day went. I continue to pray that your daughters will reunite with you.


I have quietly read your blogs off and on ever since your stroke, when all of 'us' in the vast media network world were asked to pray for you. I am so blessed and moved by your Mother's Day post. God is reshaping you in the midst of such huge life changes. He has also continued his voice in you, to so many others who are being blessed by your honesty.

Thanks Joanne, for allowing yourself to be so transparent, and for the sweet spirit I see in you. I will keep checking up on you, and praying for the kind of future that only God brings, and it's going to be good!


Cinthia Milner

A beautiful job of parenting in the best way. A precious reminder that we can be parents whether physically present or not.


I know it's not any of my business but I can't help but wonder why you don't see your daughters. I have read your blog off and on since your stroke, prayed for you then and pray for you now. Just hurts my heart knowing you have no contact with your girls.

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