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Kimberlie Williams-Feth

So nice to it the catch up! As I read the part about standing in the redwoods, I thought of the time so many of us just prayed that you would live, and then prayed for recovery. And there you are standing in Redwoods and taking driving lessons. God is SO good!

Beth P

Great update; incredible trip! My heart is full at God's goodness in your continued healing and all of the other blessings He bestows on you. You are intentional in finding joy and beauty in everything. What an inspiration! Enjoy the fall season. Wish I could walk through your Colorado Aspens! We are finally getting a little relief from the crushingly hot and humid summer here in Georgia. Would love to see a little snow! ;)

Kathy Hutchinson

Love the update and...I told you so about Downton Abbey. Hey, you gave me permission to say it. All kidding kidding aside, we need to do dinner and a movie again soon.


What a wonderful memorable trip! My husband and I stayed in that RV park in Bothell just last week! Lake Pleasant - aptly named! They told us they were booked all summer, you were fortunate to get a reservation. The greater Seattle area is my home but for the last year we have been living in Eastern Washington overseeing the care of my mom.

Charlotte Moore

You have really been a traveling lady. Ha!! Seems you had a great time. That is wonderful!!

Diana Brasher

Oh, Joanne! I just loved reading this! I have been your Facebook friend and "kept up" with you ever since your stroke and it's so wonderful to see your amazing progress. You have worked so very hard, and it's really paid off. Your parents are the most wonderful people too; their stubborn love of you has been such a factor in your recovery, and I know you realize that. I'm so excited by how our Heavenly Father has answered prayers upon prayers for you. I , and so many others, will continue to lift you up to Him, and pray that you are blessed with all the desires of your heart.❤️

Sharon Wang

Joanne, It is so good to see an update from you. I love reading about your adventures and am just so happy and thrilled with what you have been up to. How fun to be in the process of being back on the road. Good luck!


Yep, I told you so! My daughter gave me the entire series for Mother's Day. I still can't watch certain episodes in Season 3 -- you'll know which ones -- without crying.

Glad you will soon be driving. I'm guessing you thought that day would never come.

Love to you and your parents, and of course Maddie!


Hey, that campground in Bothell is just a couple of miles from our old house and the kids' old school and just a couple more miles from where I live now. I wish I'd known you were right down the street, I'd have come to hug you! You are such an inspiration and I live seeing updates from you, as I've been following since your stroke. I didn't even think to look you up on fb, so I'll do that now. I'm really so very blessed by your beautiful walk. Thank you for sharing : )


Can you please share on fb or Twitter? This little girl and her family have been through so much.


Can you please click on the heart button to like it, share, donate and pray for the little girl??

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