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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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Wendy Turner

Well, Hello! I don’t care what you call yourself, I call you my wonderful friend! ❤️

Ang Hall

You are amazing xx

Terry Kerns aka mzzterry

I met you here on Simple Wife and have been through so much of life with you. I eagerly anticipate meeting up with you again here on your blog. You inspire me! One day maybe we will meet this side of heaven.


Hi Joanne! Sending love and peace your way. —Wendy Arralde Pottgen

Denise Miles

Hi Joanne! You are an inspiration. I look forward to future blogs.

Liz Reeves

I'm soooo glad you're back to blogging. I've missed it.


I look forward to reading from your “new named” blog. I feel like I know you, even though we have never met. I do not have any suggestions because I know whatever you write will be from your heart.

Diana Brasher

Joanne, I am very excited about the "New You." It's the perfect time for you to make this move. I may even restart my own blog, I'm so pumped! Congratulations to you and, well, to us❣️

Patti M

I'm always glad to see your presence online in any form and with any name ❤️


I've been following/ reading forever. I always enjoy hearing about your continued recovery, your dog & your travels!

Donna L

Joanne, so happy for to continue your journey. I found you many years ago from that first book you published and have been through it all. You are a true inspiration and a blessing to many. Much love my dear friend in Christ ❤️

Jan Maniatis

Woohoo, another big step

Chris Carleton

Oh, am I ever glad to see you back in this space!

Helen Washington

I always love when a post shows up on my blog feed. I will read whatever you write but I always loved your book recommendations and anything about devotional living. xoxo

Maryellen Azarian

YEAH ! I so enjoyed your posts. You are a talented writer and I look forward to the blessing you are to our lives.

Shelley Swindler

Joanne... you are amazing!!!! I'm so glad you are back blogging... I have missed your blog!!! Blessings to you dearheart!!!!

Elsa Distelhorst

Hi Joanne. I’m so excited for you!


I followed you since before your stroke and have prayed for you often. I am so glad you are going to start writing more frequently. You are truly and inspiration. I am sorry for what your family has gone through, but God has made you a very strong woman. Blessings!

Elaine Viergever

Happy to see that you are going to be who you are rather than who you used to be! What God has done in your life is an inspiration to us all! God is so good, and I believe He has great plans for you, so I look forward to hearing more from you here!

Love and hugs,

Jenna Hoff

Congratulations on the new blog name and focus. I really enjoy reading your writing!

Carol Furr-Bauer

I love you, Joanne!! You never cease to amaze me! I look forward to dancing around Jesus in heaven with you! He is our HEALER, our WONDER, our COMFORTER, our UNABADONING FRIEND! So happy to see you and know that your writing and ministry continues despite the great pain and loss!


I think I subscribed to your blog either just before or right after your stroke and have loved reading it ever since. I am happy for your new change and am happy to continue reading your blog posts! You are in inspiration!!!


I love your heart so much! 💜💜


I found your blog the week of the stroke and have marveled at your recovery and your sweet heart. I look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Alison Miller

Hey JoAnne, your writing is a great way for you to share the journey of the unexpected way God deals with us. Thankyou so much for continuing to look to Him for your answere’s. I will continue looking with you.


You have been an inspiration to me before your stroke and since. I look forward to hearing how God continues to restore and redeem you and your life. I'm going to be honest and say that I miss your inspirational posts as it seems that most posts are life updates, (which I do enjoy also). I believe that God has given you so much wisdom, and he's definitely not through with you yet! Many blessings going forward!


I love reading the updates on your life. I've been reading your blog for many years. Through laughter and tears you inspire me with your faith. I look forward to continuing the journey with you and pray the Lord continues to bless you abundantly. I enjoy hearing about your parents and sister too.

Charlotte Moore

Good for you! You are such a strong seeming person to go that you are going through. I first heard of you when I saw Pray for Joann on someone blog. So I clicked over to read about it I have been reading ever since. GOD has really helped you through therapy, hard work, and your determination. It is very hard to understand how the vows in sickness and in health doesn't mean much any more.

Keep doing what you can to show the power of PRAYER!


I love reading your posts and hearing all about you. You have come so far! I have been following since your stroke. Keep up the good work!

Take care and stay warm!


Life is a journey and I'm glad you're new blog accuractely depicts your move forward! Always loved the blog (and when kids were little we did the scrapbook paper/wood letters decoupage craft, and I followed your instructions for a bun when one of my daughters made their First Holy Communion). I'll keep on reading! x L

Cathy Bowen

A long time reader of your blog. I would like to know what books your reading. Your strength through recovery has really encouraged my walk in life as a cancer survivor. Will enjoy many more of your posts.


I didn't really know you as, "the simple wife, the person I came to know was the survivor, the warrior and the overcomer. I admire you greatly, your tenacity and fight. I love to follow along as you give such a positive flourish to this world. Looking forward to more frequent posts. thank you for sharing.


Excited for you !!!!! I love the new name and look. You can blog about anything...I love reading it all!!! Much love from Alabama!!!


I'm love your writing and am so happy you're continuing and making changes as they fit with your life now. I have been reading here for years.

Lana Dunkerley

YAY! I am so glad you are back! I have followed your journey since your stroke and prayed so much for you, your family and your recovery....mark this as one more thing you take back from the many losses since your illness! I am still praying for your children and you and am proud to see this new chapter reimerging! You have so much to offer! Praise the Lord!!!!


I'm so glad to see another blog post! I so enjoy reading whatever you write! Praying for you and your children today and everyday!


Congrats on your "new" blog! I had started reading your blog just before your stroke, and I have prayed for you and admired your strength and courage. I enjoy hearing about your travels and your art, and always enjoy reading your posts.

Carla sutherland

Hi! Beth Moore’s daughter Melissa wrote a post about your stroke and asked for everyone to pray for you. I began following your progress and cheering you on. I continue to do so. You are amazing! I hope you write more about your journey. It helps so many who need inspiration in their lives whether they have had a stroke or now!! Thank you for sharing!


I first heard about you after the stroke, when Beth Moore provided a link to your blog. You have come so far and are truly an inspiration. I am thankful your parents were there for you.

I know you want to protect the privacy of your children, but I still don't understand why they refused to see you after you and Toben separated. Even before then, I recall you mentioning that they needed their space from you, even though you were living in the same house. My heart broke for you and I thought your girls needed a good talking-to. What happened? I would truly like to know. If I remember their ages correctly, they are grown now. As for you and Toben, I have seen fist hand how a life-altering illness can break up even the strongest marriage. I continue to pray for you.


I have followed your blog before, during, and after your stoke. You are an amazing person and I just want to wish the best of luck in all you do.

Cathy Bowen

I have been reading your blog for some time. I have read your books and have passed them on to friends. I came down with cancer (lymphoma) in November 2011. After reading about what you overcame early in that year, has really helped me take one day at a time. My life verse is : Proverbs 3 5-6. Thank you for your blog....

Lora Lovin Osburn

It's a new season, my friend! So proud of you! Sure do love you!!!

Susie Tiemeyer

I’m so glad to reconnect with you & look forward to hearing about you & your new exploits. Your life is one that truly displays God’s faithfulness.

Kim Feth

Hello Bloggy Friend! You are one of the very few things I've missed about being on Facebook (stopped in September). We've been taking a social media blackout as a family and are slowly identifying what's impotant online that we want to resume - and keeping up with your blog is definitely one of those things. I'm so glad to be "catching up" with you. I like the new blog name.
Much love,
Kim Feth
North Carolina

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